20 Years of Elderwise!


The Early Years

In 1997, Shanta Sabersky had an idea which grew into a mission – only to change how society views aging, how elders are treated and to enrich the programs offered to seniors. Thus, Elderwise was born.  This mission was a culmination of all Shanta had learned from her medical background and her spiritual journeys along with her appreciation of the writings of Rudolph Steiner and Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.  Along with her family, she prepared their home with ramps, extra steps and bars through the downstairs. With Cally Fulton, Fran Dunlap and Diana Cheairs, who shared her dream, passed out flyers in her neighborhood – and the first Elderwise participants arrived to be enriched, cherished and respected. For 6 years they met 3 times a week until more seniors and professional caregivers from through Seattle and its suburbs found out about this treasured place. Volunteers cooked, drove participants, painted, etc.  In 2003 Elderwise grew so big, it moved to  East Pine Street and began to meet more days with participants traveling an hour or more to get there.



Elderwise on Pine Street

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In its evolution, Elderwise has become so much more than the unique Adult Day Center so many people connect with the name. At the Pine Street location, the Elderwise Outreach Program began to grow. The Elderwise day program became a model where the philosophies and art techniques that the staff teach are applied and can be viewed in their proven success. Elderwise was considered a model adult day center by the Washington Health Foundation and began to have interns completing their practicums.  The goal is to have little Elderwises enriching all seniors and for aging to be experienced with hope and excitement and without fear.

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Elderwise at Horizon House

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In 2010, Elderwise was invited to make our home in Horizon House. We had a new home and a new logo! It was a pleasure to meet and serve such remarkable people.

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Elderwise in the Community

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Since it's inception, one of the goals of Elderwise was to infuse the senior community with the "Elderwise Way." Throughout the years, we have held many programs at the Frye Art Museum, Skyline, Northaven, Horizon House, Arts in the Park, Camp Momentia, and Edmonds Center for the Arts - just to name a few. We hope to continue this crusade to change the culture of aging.


Elderwise at Olympic View


In 2016, Elderwise opened our program in Olympic View Community Church and for a brief time at Trinity Parish Church. Elderwise is thriving in our new space and looks forward to many years infusing the community with our philosophies and enrichment.

It has been noted by those who have worked with Elderwise these many years that as soon as you crossed the threshold of any of our residences, you were welcomed by an Elderwise that was the same  - and you were home.